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★★  « KIF KIF »… what’s up ?  ★★

« KIF KIF* Vivre Ensemble » is a non governmental organization which offers you, me and everyone else, to take part in a surprise activity or outing with people of different ages, cultures, religions, neighborhoods and backgrounds.

This is how it works:

A secret host – called an « Ambassador » – is paired with a person he/she has never met before – called a « Surprise-Guest » – and takes him/her to a previously undisclosed event that provides an insight into the Ambassador’s life, passions or hobbies. All along, mystery and a friendly and benevolent atmosphere are guaranteed.

A traditional dinner, a baptism or the bar-mitsvah of your little cousin, a cultural outing to the museum, the theatre or at a community center, a sports event, a block party, an event at a retiring home or with people with disabilities… Every Kiffeur/Kiffeuse can make proposals and be a driving force. Every Kiffeur/Kiffeuse takes part and contributes to this joyful experience of celebrating community through difference.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: an everyday ordinary event for you might be something completely new for someone else. So share it! Make sure this event becomes a moment of discovery and conviviality.

* In French, KIF KIF means both: what gives you pleasure and that two things are similar. For example: I KIF meeting new people; and you and I are KIF KIF. You see why we chose that word!

★★ How to become an Ambassador or a Surprise-Guest? ★★

Easy! Register online. It’s open to everyone, it’s completely FREE, and it’s here: https://kifkifleblog.wordpress.com/deviens-ambassadeur-ou-invite

In 2015, pairings can only be done in Ile de France. But we’re gearing up to expand our project soon, so if you live in other French regions, you can start reaching out to us now and become part of our network.

★★They did it ! They went on a blind friend-date! ★★

We started the first pairings in 2014 – and they were a success! Diversity was the key. Check out the videos of our first events here: http://oua.be/1pao

★★ How to become a partner? ★★

If you are an organization, an establishment, an arts space…etc. who organizes cultural, religious, sports or solidarity related events…Get your members and friends involved! Invite them to take part in the KIF KIF experience: https://kifkifleblog.wordpress.com/devenez-partenaires.

★★ This is an experiment: be patient, understanding and constructive ★★

KIF KIF needs you to continue to test its method, under real conditions. A team of volunteers will be in charge of pairing the participants. We have very little means, but we are incredibly enthusiastic!

In 2015, we are expanding our pairings from Paris, where it first started in 2014, to the rest of the Ile de France region. At the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, we will build the softwares that will enable us to open up KIF KIF to everyone – get ready!!

Until then, we kindly ask you to be patient, and understanding. In the process, don’t hesitate to share with us all the ideas you have to better our concept.

Let’s build the most beautiful project, together!

★★ How to support us, and spread the « #VivreEnsemble » (#Togetherness) ★★

You too, revamp the way your social networks look by adopting #VivreEnsemble:

– make it your Facebook cover picture: http://goo.gl/1kaT25

– make it your Facebook profile picture:  http://goo.gl/iYnCor

– make it your Twitter cover picture: http://goo.gl/nadTCA

– share a photo on Twitter: http://goo.gl/CBFDPv

And throughout, quote us in your comments : #Togetherness   #VivreEnsemble  @KifKif_France

★★ How to follow us ★★

On YouTube (videos of the first blind pairing offs – a must see!): http://oua.be/1pao

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kifkifvivreensemble

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/KifKif_France

Join the Brigade of the KIF KIF Buzz: https://kifkifleblog.wordpress.com/brigade-du-buzz



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